Are all trees the same?

No. Gray Tree Service Certified are well trained in the proper maintenance of all species and varieties of trees in our area and will treat each tree type according to tendencies & unique cultural conditions.

Are my trees dead or dying?

Call us and we will evaluate on your property. A free consultation/diagnosis from a Gray Tree Service Certified will assist you in determining whether your palm has suffered from freeze damage, has nutrient deficiencies, or is under attack from damaging insects or disease.

Do you furnish references?

Yes. Gray Tree Service will gladly furnish references upon request.

Everyone advertises licensed & insured. What exactly does this mean?

Gray Tree Service carries General Liability Insurance policy should there be any property damage as well as workman’s comp coverage, giving you the peace of mind knowing that if someone is hurt on your property, you will not be liable for any damages. When contracting for services, ask for our certificate of insurance. Follow up with a phone call to the agent listed to verify insurance is still in effect. Ask to be listed as a certificate holder. Only hire those who can provide a certificate on demand.

How often should my trees be pruned?

If done correctly, a tree shouldn’t need pruning for 2-3 years.

My tree is growing directly over my home or garage. Can you safely remove these limbs without damaging my property?

Yes. We are trained in advanced rigging techniques, Gray Tree Service will safely rope down these hazardous limbs. Should an accident occur, our general liability insurance would cover the cost of repair.

What can happen to my tree if it is improperly pruned?

Improper pruning (stub cuts, flush cuts) can make your valuable trees susceptible to disease, decay, and wood boring insects. Over-pruning (the removal of too many limbs) causes too much loss of leaf for the tree to efficiently continue its photosynthesis process. It also means removing limbs that can never be replaced. This could be disastrous for the appearance and future health of your tree.

What if I have a question that doesn’t appear here?

We have tried to cover some basic questions you may have but understand that we may have left something out. Please call or email us regarding any of your tree needs to schedule a free initial consultation and estimate.

What is a tree removal permit?

Most municipalities require permission, via a permit, to remove trees exceeding a certain diameter (excluding dead trees or invasive species). The cost is minimal and Gray Tree Service will file the necessary application for you. Failure to procure a permit can result in a large fine.

What is root pruning?

Root pruning is used, in special circumstances, to stop the continued uplifting of sidewalks, driveways, and structures. A Gray Tree Service representative can advise you on whether this is an option based on your trees specific cultural conditions.

What should I do to prepare my trees for storm season?

There are certain methods of pruning which help to mitigate the hazard of high winds. Gray Tree Service is familiar with these methods. Your tree should also be evaluated for overall structural risks as well. If concerned about your trees in storm season, a Gray Tree Service representative can offer you options for your unique tree.

What type of tree company should I avoid?

Generally speaking, door knockers, those who can’t immediately provide proof of insurance, those who lack arborist certification, and storm chasers from out of town are those you should be wary of.

Why does hiring a certified arborist matter when having a tree removed?

Gray Tree Service Certified Arborists are highly trained in advanced rigging techniques that minimize the impact of a tree removal to your home & landscape. Many tree services will drop limbs directly on your landscape or home without regard for possible damage.

Why should I choose Gray Tree Service ?

Gray Tree Service has been Chicago’s preferred tree care provider since 1940. We are credentialed and hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have won the Angie’s Lists Super Service award several years in a row. References are available on request. We also carry verifiable property liability and workman’s compensation insurances, and handle the permitting requirements needed for your tree work.

Why should I hire a certified arborist?

In addition to performing top quality pruning, a Gray Tree Service Certified Arborist can make recommendations that will strive to improve the future health and appearance of your trees, minimize property liability issues, and maintain your property value.

Will you dispose of all wood and debris?

Gray Tree Service will always dispose of the wood, unless you state otherwise, resulting from the work on your trees as well as provide an excellent cleanup.